Saturday, June 11, 2011

New & Reliable Way to Earn Online!

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Now you will see some figure lyk this
Click5 4568
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Now same Process for other 3 links. But remember one by one.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strategy To Get Quality Links – Link Building

link building
Everyone in the field of Internet Marketing aware of the term "Link Building". Link Building is a SEO ACE for the better page rank, keyword ranking, and traffic. For some persons it is a time consuming confusing bit irritating process but certainly unavoidable.  Link building is a major part for any SEO project to get success.

There are hundred's of method available to get links. To get link is not a tough job but to get Quality Link is not an easy task. Always look for the countable links at least in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. First of all, you need to understand the theme of your website or blog,  targeted audiences, effective ways to get links, and then make out your own link building program to get effective and quality links.

I will be discussing few points that needs to be remembered while linking with the other websites in order to get popularity, visitors and a good position in SERP. Everyone Knows that link building is a technique to boost traffic of website or blog. When populating your links to other websites, the number of links that points back to you site also helps to improve the position of a websites in SERP(search engine result page).

The most important point that i keep saying "Never just broadcast links to random sites". Generally people would think that the more links they gain, better the results would be. I used to think the same way but with experience, I realize making more links turns into a better result but a twist in this theory is The More Quality Links you gain better the result would be.

You always need to select the sites for linking that will generate better results. And Newbies always keep in mind to link with the websites that has same content like yours. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. are very particular when it comes to the relevancy of the content. Lets discuss an example to make it more clear, Suppose your website is dedicated to "Investments" and you linking it with "Pharmaceutical". It may not help as you can think the kind of audiences visit investment website would not be interested in  pharmaceutical and vice versa.

Next motive is to check the page rank of the website home page and also the page where you link is to be added. I generally believe getting five no page rank link is equals to one PR quality link. We always forget to check the cached of the page where link is going to be placed, we need to check the cached whether the website or the page is cached or not, last date of the cached when search engine crawled the web page, also compare the text of the cached page with the presently visible text on the web page.

Next step is to check the number of links available on the page. This step is important in case of link exchange. Always count links that are available on the page where your link is added and also check the PR of that page. If the website has more then 40 to 50 links don't exchange link with that website as you will not get more profit.

Next step is to check the status of the website in the search engines, website should not be banned and should not be a spam website.

In order to get quality links consider all above steps. It is not difficult at all, you just set your goal to get quality links and you will see that your website will be on the tops of the results of all search engines.

Above is my strategy to build links, use it on your own risk. If you feel that points I have discussed above is not correct or you would like to discuss your strategies to build links please feel free to use comment area. Looking forward to your comments. I like reading, writing and discussing about SEO.

My writing skills are not very good so please bear with me. You may also read Ways to get backlinks, will going to update this post very soon with the new methods of back linking.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Learn To Remove Navbar from Blogger Blogs

Navbar is a navigation bar that blogger displays on the top of every blogger blog. This Navigation bar helps to search blogs, visit next blog, sign in and create new account. Also you can report abuse for objectionable content. I personally think that navbar gives bad look to any blog. Blogger don’t give any option to remove it, still we can remove or hide it manually.

Most of the bloggers doesn’t like to use the same old blogspot templates. Everyone wants to give it a nice look according to their own choice, preferences, theme etc. Navigation Bar doesn’t go with the look we usually want for our blogs or websites.
So the good news is we can remove or hide the navigation bar with simple steps.

Login to your Blogger Account.
Open your Dashboard
Go To Layout Settings Edit HTML
Search for the following line of code:

/* Variable definitions

Before the above code, add the following line CSS code:

#navbar { display: none; }


#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }

Save template and bye bye to Navbar

And another method to disable navigation bar:

just add following code template to

<style type="text/css">
#b-navbar {
And remove the above codes in case you want navbar back!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To Make Money With Twitter?

Well guyz looking to make easy money online using twitter. Are you having good followers list awaiting your tweets? You really want to make money using Twitter? If YES, you came to right way. There are manny websites available to make money by tweeting regularly. Twivert is one of them. Twivert automatically tweet CPC ads by your Twitter Account and when someone click on it, you get paid. Isn't it a easy way to earn money using twitter. You just need to Sign-up to Twivert account.

You may use the following link to sign up for absolutely free.
Make money on twitter
To Become Twitterers:

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Enjoy Tweeting and Earn Money.!!!!

You may also join its referral programm and for each referral sign up you will earn 20 cents along with the CPC Ad clicks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Change Blogger Favicon Icon?

What is Fevicon Icon?
The default icon of blogger with the standard orange colored “B” shown next to the URL in the address bar is Blogger Fevicon Icon.

What is the size of Fevicon Icon?
A fevicon icon is a small 16x16 pixel image.

Why you want to change Fevicon Icon?
The default fevicon icon of blogger is same for all and boring. So, most of us like to customize it to make a difference in a website. Bloggers believe to have their own favicon icon as it is a great way that helps to stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.

How can you change the favicon icon for your blog?
Method to add the customized fevicon icon is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will a get all new look for your blog.

1) To get started first o f all backup your existing template.  Just go to
Layout>>Edit HTML>> Click Check to Expand Widget Templates>>Download Full Template.

And save it to desktop.

2) Now you need fevicon icon for your blog. You may use favicon generator websites that are available on internet free of cost. Let me tell you the easiest way to generate using

Register to imageshack for free>> go to image upload tab>>upload your image>>copy the direct link code that looks like
link href="image url" rel="shortcut icon"

3) Now Post the Code shown above under Tag.
4) Save Template.

Now you should be able to see the favicon icon for your blog. Sometimes settings in your browser prevent you to view new favicon icon, so you just need to refresh the page and delete the cookies to see it right away.

You can also host favicon image for your blog at sites such as Imageshack (I have discussed above), Flicker, photobucket etc.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technorati Claim Token check 32WE23E7EU69

This  post is to verify with Technorati that this is my blog. The claim token is  32WE23E7EU69
Will soon add new post, topics are in my mind. I m trying to take out some time for write ups.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Create SiteMap for Your Blogger Blog

Well there are many ways to make sitemap for Blog but we will be discussing the simplest way. You just need to follow below mentioned instructions to get sitemap for your Blogger Blog,

1)To start visit Google Webmaster Tool Page first integrate your free Blogspot account to Google account. Now use your login to make a Google Webmaster account.

2)After Signing in to Google Webmaster Account, visit webmaster tool (including sitemaps), there you will find Add Site Button. Enter your Blog URL and submit.

3)After adding Blog you need to verify it. To get it verified click to Manage:URL of the Site on that page. Now Click to Manage Site Verification in the left side menu.

4)On Site Verification page, you will see the code which looks like Meta tag.

5)You just need to copy that code as per the instructions given above the code. You need to add code to your blog HTML page under Head tag() before body tag(). Now click Verify below Code.

6)Now go to Add Sitemap, Select Add general Web Sitemap. Need to add Atom Feed and RSS Feed URL. You don not need to upload anything there as it is totally different way to submit sitemap as we do for a website.

I hope this will be helpful for the bloggers wondering to add sitemap to their blogs.