Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Strategy To Get Quality Links – Link Building

link building
Everyone in the field of Internet Marketing aware of the term "Link Building". Link Building is a SEO ACE for the better page rank, keyword ranking, and traffic. For some persons it is a time consuming confusing bit irritating process but certainly unavoidable.  Link building is a major part for any SEO project to get success.

There are hundred's of method available to get links. To get link is not a tough job but to get Quality Link is not an easy task. Always look for the countable links at least in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. First of all, you need to understand the theme of your website or blog,  targeted audiences, effective ways to get links, and then make out your own link building program to get effective and quality links.

I will be discussing few points that needs to be remembered while linking with the other websites in order to get popularity, visitors and a good position in SERP. Everyone Knows that link building is a technique to boost traffic of website or blog. When populating your links to other websites, the number of links that points back to you site also helps to improve the position of a websites in SERP(search engine result page).

The most important point that i keep saying "Never just broadcast links to random sites". Generally people would think that the more links they gain, better the results would be. I used to think the same way but with experience, I realize making more links turns into a better result but a twist in this theory is The More Quality Links you gain better the result would be.

You always need to select the sites for linking that will generate better results. And Newbies always keep in mind to link with the websites that has same content like yours. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. are very particular when it comes to the relevancy of the content. Lets discuss an example to make it more clear, Suppose your website is dedicated to "Investments" and you linking it with "Pharmaceutical". It may not help as you can think the kind of audiences visit investment website would not be interested in  pharmaceutical and vice versa.

Next motive is to check the page rank of the website home page and also the page where you link is to be added. I generally believe getting five no page rank link is equals to one PR quality link. We always forget to check the cached of the page where link is going to be placed, we need to check the cached whether the website or the page is cached or not, last date of the cached when search engine crawled the web page, also compare the text of the cached page with the presently visible text on the web page.

Next step is to check the number of links available on the page. This step is important in case of link exchange. Always count links that are available on the page where your link is added and also check the PR of that page. If the website has more then 40 to 50 links don't exchange link with that website as you will not get more profit.

Next step is to check the status of the website in the search engines, website should not be banned and should not be a spam website.

In order to get quality links consider all above steps. It is not difficult at all, you just set your goal to get quality links and you will see that your website will be on the tops of the results of all search engines.

Above is my strategy to build links, use it on your own risk. If you feel that points I have discussed above is not correct or you would like to discuss your strategies to build links please feel free to use comment area. Looking forward to your comments. I like reading, writing and discussing about SEO.

My writing skills are not very good so please bear with me. You may also read Ways to get backlinks, will going to update this post very soon with the new methods of back linking.



Nice article but you should stepped out some ways to get quality links.

Search Engine Optimizer said...

Thanks Frd for liking article... i hope it will help my readers to gain quality links!!

I have mentioned a link at the end when you click that u will be redirect to another post written by me on "Five ways of link building" as i said will update this post very soon with the latest ideas and techniques to gain quality back links.

Stay in touch!! Keep Visiting, keep commenting!!!

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It's very informative. It helps to analyse the link exchange job.
The quality links and the quantity of quality links help to achieve the rank of the keywords and we could have some visitors through it.
If the website has more then 40 to 50 links don't exchange link with that website as you will not get more profit. - you are right but if the outbound links of the website is 10, when we are taking link/links and after some days the number of the outbound links become more then 100, then what should we do? The website from where we took link/links is surely become a link farm, but the main thing is the value of the link which become low. :(
I had a visit http://seodatabaseforbeginners.blogspot.com/2009/08/five-ways-to-get-free-backlinks.html here also, but I'm talking about only linkexchange(1way, reciprocal, awesomethreesome). Please voice your opinion or suggestion or if you have any idea in your next blogpost. Looking forward to the next one.


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