Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Change Blogger Favicon Icon?

What is Fevicon Icon?
The default icon of blogger with the standard orange colored “B” shown next to the URL in the address bar is Blogger Fevicon Icon.

What is the size of Fevicon Icon?
A fevicon icon is a small 16x16 pixel image.

Why you want to change Fevicon Icon?
The default fevicon icon of blogger is same for all and boring. So, most of us like to customize it to make a difference in a website. Bloggers believe to have their own favicon icon as it is a great way that helps to stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.

How can you change the favicon icon for your blog?
Method to add the customized fevicon icon is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will a get all new look for your blog.

1) To get started first o f all backup your existing template.  Just go to
Layout>>Edit HTML>> Click Check to Expand Widget Templates>>Download Full Template.

And save it to desktop.

2) Now you need fevicon icon for your blog. You may use favicon generator websites that are available on internet free of cost. Let me tell you the easiest way to generate using

Register to imageshack for free>> go to image upload tab>>upload your image>>copy the direct link code that looks like
link href="image url" rel="shortcut icon"

3) Now Post the Code shown above under Tag.
4) Save Template.

Now you should be able to see the favicon icon for your blog. Sometimes settings in your browser prevent you to view new favicon icon, so you just need to refresh the page and delete the cookies to see it right away.

You can also host favicon image for your blog at sites such as Imageshack (I have discussed above), Flicker, photobucket etc.


Deal or no Deal the Game said...

so many thanks for sharing such valuable educational tips for all Internet users basically those who working in Blogs. well dear i expect more like such content in coming future..thanks again..

Akash Malik said...

I never thought that one can change the favicon of a blogger blog. This is a very well written article Neha. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your knowledge.

Thanx for the great post :)...

Anonymous said...

i dont think its well written....not able to understand....explain the link point ...

Search Engine Optimizer said...

Ok.. I am sorry that u won't be able to understand, i will try my best in future to make all my points more clear and readable.

To get favicon icon link or image you need to register to the website "IMAGESHACK.US" for free. Upload the image you want to use as a favicon icon and after uploading picture it will provide you links in 4-5 different formats.. You need to copy direct link from there that will look like < a href="image url" rel="shortcut icon" > and then copy this link to location i have mentioned in the article... I hope now it is clear to you...

Yeah one more think even if you are not writing a positive comment you can always mention your name...!!! I always find ways to improve my writing and help others.

Keep visiting and keep commenting. Still if you not able to understand please let me know..!!

chinese interpreting said...

I've been searching on how to create one. thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for sharing such a useful piece of information. Keep up the good work.